Our inspiration for our 2014/15 themes

The Planners

We have challenged two amazing Ottawa wedding planners to take on an overwhelming task: create a wedding that can show engaged people in Ottawa what each of their wedding vendors can do while using trendsetting elements and themes. 

Its a thankless job, wedding planners work behind the scenes and guests shouldn't really know that they are there but they are the ones that bring it all together! 

This year's themes are Glam vs. Rustic. Wedding Planner, Elise Schmitz from Toast Special Events, has chosen a modern yet romantic theme using some sparkle to create 3 stunning spaces! Here is a little taste of what you can expect from Team Toast.

Glitter, sparkle and shine. Our team is hoping to leave our guests with sense of sophistication and glamour. While our style is ‘contemporary romance,’ we do have a few unconventional gourmet surprises and design details, which may challenge your thoughts on the everyday wedding formula. We’re re-defining the wedding experience one bride at a time.
— Elise Schmitz

Karen Sagle, wedding planner from When Sparks Fly, has other plans. She has taken the rustic theme in a new direction, infusing romantic and delicate elements with natural details. Get inspired by Team Sparks' style board!

My vision is for a very natural, organic, simple and clean approach. We are planning to use lots of greenery and natural materials, and to keep things very simple and basic and elegant. I think a lot of brides get hung up on all the extra ‘stuff’ that comes with weddings. I’m hoping to convey the idea that a wedding can be beautiful and simple without all the extra things — just a few really good quality elements can make a really big statement.
— Karen Sagle

Who have they pulled together to help them achieve their visions?

Team Sparks 

These 5 #teamsparks vendors are committed to making their team's wedding the most beautiful through their decor, from vintage lounge areas to earthy florals to beautiful linens and decor, they are pulling out all the stops!

Team Toast

#teamtoast is going above and beyond to bring you the most trendsetting and unique elements for their team's wedding decor. Its going to be amazing to see how this team pulls it all together on November 15th. 

The Competition is On!

We asked the teams to give us a message for their opponents, here is what most of them said! 

Join us at the big day and see for yourself how it all turns out! Buy your tickets before its too late!