Meet the Vendors: Truvelle

Truvelle will be providing the wedding gown for #teamtoast! Just you wait until you see which one, its nothing you have ever seen before!

Here are our top 5 reasons why we love Truvelle.

1) The are handmade by a charming, independent Canadian, female designer.

2) They are magical! They fit every body type so perfectly. She really understands just the right place to end the fitted bodice and begin the draped and flowing skirt to be perfectly flattering on every woman.

3) They are lined in satin. This may not seem like a big deal until you try on a dress made in a cheaper fabric afterwards. The satin is silky and luxurious on your legs when you walk and even though no one else knows its there, its a little extra comfort that will make you feel even more special on your wedding day.

4) The fabrics and designs are pretty interchangeable. If you fall in love with 2 of her dresses, there is usually a way to customize them into one super-dress! We can tell you all about it during your appointment.

5) They have nice fabric. This one is something that is important to me when I am choosing gowns for The Handmade Bride’s samples. High quality fabrics make all the difference in making a gown look beautiful. Nice fabric doesn’t necessarily mean expensive either, most of Truvelle’s gowns are under $2000.

Come in to the shop and see for yourself, the full collection is visiting us until the end of the October 11th!Book your appointment now!

p.s. more drool worthy pics below.