Meet the Vendors: Story & Rose

We got a chance to catch up with Alysia from Story & Rose Floral Studio, here is her take on our famous 4 questions!

1) What would you say is the thing your clients like best about you?
My creativity, I am always willing to take on a new project! Even if I have never done it before I won’t say no and because of this I am able to offer a lot of items, styles and ideas that other traditional floral designers don’t ( which makes my job so much more fun- see question two:)

2) What is your favorite part of your job?
There are so many that it is hard to narrow it down, but I would say its a combination of the creativity and diversity. Only so much of my job is actually arranging flowers ( which is awesome!) but I love that I get to do just about everything under the sun as a floral designer, it is so diverse! Every wedding and event that I do is different, the clients are different and I have to take a different creative approach to each and every one -my creativity is always being pulled in a million directions which I LOVE! 

3) What part of the Best Day Ever are you most looking forward to?
The final product. As with each wedding I do, you meet someone and you throw ideas around and this flower and that colour and they add their creative touches but you don’t really know how it will all look until that final day. The Best Day Ever will be this but taken to a whole other level. It is the creativity of the best of the best all working together and the end result is going to be beyond amazing. When we are done setting up and we get to step back and see how it has all come together- that moment is what I am most looking forward to and of course sharing it with all of attendees! 

4) What is your favorite trend for 2015 weddings?
I’m loving the eco-friendly/local/ organic trend. It started a few years ago but each year it keeps getting better. I especially love it in the floral world. There is nothing better than freshly picked blooms placed together as if they had grown that way. I like how “green” 2015 is shaping up to be, that the brides and grooms are making an effort to make their wedding more green and eco-friendly and that the wedding industry is offering so many options to make their big day a sustainable one.

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