Clash of the Photogs

See what happens when a young, spry photog duo take on a witty, local photography icon

Jonathan Kuhn Photography is a new kid on the block when it comes to wedding photography in Ottawa. This husband and wife team claim that being new has its advantages! They feel that they "have so much energy and fresh ideas to bring the table."

Jonathan claims: "We are willing to climb any height for you. No seriously - we mean it. We love adventuring and we would love for our couples to come to us saying they know of this stunning river or meadow or cliff that they want to use for engagement sessions or their wedding." 

Barbara Ann Studios is a one-woman show, she is smart, witty and gets high on "getting the shot" on camera the first time! Barb is an award winning photographer and has studied under some of the top wedding photographers in the world.

Barb jokes that she "brings high level of experience to the table which is a different way of saying I am WAYYYYYYY older than the other photographer!!" 

Jonathan and Katriina just returned from a jaw-dropping 23 day road trip across the west coast of the States with a couple of other photographers. Needless to say, they are inspired and excited for the event!

Meanwhile, Barb will be pushing herself to, not only capture the quintessential Barbara Ann shots but also, strive to step outside of the box. "For me, it is not a competition against another photographer (although that part is fun too!) but it a chance for me to compete against myself."

Their inspiration for the photography at the event is drawn from different sources, while Jonathan wants to exhibit the natural beauty of the couple and the event in its best light, Barbara says that she has been inspired by fashion, cinema and editorial elements. Can you say 'Drama!!'

Barbs message to her competitor, Jonathan? "Bring it!" and I am sure they will!

See Their Work

Jonathan' Kuhn Photography

Barbara Ann Studios

Want to see them in action? The photographers will be battling it out all evening long at the Best Day Ever! They will be challenged to pre-shooting all the group photos and editing them by the time guests sit down to dinner! See who is the crowd favorite! Get your seats NOW!