Meet the Vendors: MDRN Photobooth

MDRN Photobooth prides themselves on giving our customers fun, high-quality photo experiences that make for long-lasting, unique memories, like when Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted the Oscars – only this time people will like it!

We quizzed Catalina from MDRN on the questions below, here is what she has to say!

What would you say is the thing your clients like best about you?

"I think what our clients like is that our photobooth is that its different. It’s not your typical or traditional photobooth, no big glasses and feather boas here! Our booth is actually really nice to and won’t be an eyesore at your event. We have the ability to share pictures instantly on social media or you can walk away with your professional grade print. We use professional lighting and camera equipment so your images are bright and sharp every time."


What is your favorite part of your job?

"Ummmmm I get to have fun with people for hours.... best.job.ever. but I also love the styling of the photobooths, I just love creating new concepts."

 What part of the Best Day Ever are you most looking forward to?

"All of it. What an amazing event! It’s so original that I just can’t wait to see the entire thing get pulled together!"

 What is your favorite trend for 2015 weddings?


Want to see MDRN Photobooth in action and get a free snap shot of what they do? Be sure to get your tickets for the Best Day Ever Wedding Showdown now!